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Matsudo Jinjya and Matsusaki Inari-Jinja are popular among residents in Matsudo. This is partly due to significant improvements to the Sakagawa river area and Tojyogaoka Historical Park.


Free Wi-Fi service is available around Matsudo Jinja and Matsusaki Inari-Jinja.


We now offer free Wi-Fi to help the prosperity and revitalization of the West Exit JR Matsudo Station area.


SSID Matsudo-jin-ja
password -
service Place
offer time  9:00am~ 7:00pm


To make Wi-Fi access easy and convenient for everyone, a password is not required to access Wi-Fi. Because this Wi-Fi is not secured, information that is submitted on the web is vulnerable to the public. Matsudo Jinja and Matsusaki Inari-Jinja are not responsible for any information stolen on this Wi-Fi, including but not limited to your password, credit card, and personally identifiable information. You are solely responsible for any issues that may occur from using this Wi-Fi.


Please do not use your cellphone while walking around Matsudo Jinja or Matsusaki Inari-Jinja as this may result in accidents, which may cause injury to you or other people.


Thank you for your understanding.




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